Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be said in a letter of nomination?
The letter of nomination should be expansive about the contributions of the nominee; the importance of the contributions, the length of time that the nominee has contributed and how important the contribution is to the community. Explain the benefits of the nominee’s contributions. The Selection Committee requires as much knowledge as possible in order to make its decisions.

2. To whom should nomination and support letters to be addressed?
Your letters may be addressed to the Selection Committee.

3. What should the support letters contain, ideally?
Support letters should indicate the relationship between the writer and the nominee and the length of the relationship. Full details about the support letter writer’s knowledge of the nominee’s contribution should be included as well as the writer’s view on the impact of the contribution.

4. May we send more than two letters of support?
Yes, you may send in more than two letters of support. Beyond the requested two support letters, you may send up to five additional pages (or letters) of information.

5. Do support letters need to be sent in separately or as part of the nomination package?
Either is possible, whatever is convenient for the nominator. If the letters arrive separately from the online package, please be sure the letter clearly states the nominee’s name.

6. Can the nomination form be completed by hand or would you prefer that it's typed?
The nomination package must be completed online. If this is not possible, please call our offices at 604-261-9777 and we will be happy to help.

7. Is my nomination considered for more than one year?
Yes. Submitted nominations begin a two-year program, during which time the information can be reviewed by up to three juries. The Foundation understands the efforts that go into building a nomination package and provides nominators with the opportunity to update an already submitted package prior to each review by the Selection Committee over the two-year program. Updates should take the form of a letter from the nominator providing information as to the most recent activities of the nominee. The letter must be received in our offices by the deadline.

8. Can a nominee’s contribution occur outside of British Columbia?
The BC Community Achievement Awards are designed for contributions made in British Columbia.

9. What is a ‘community’?
A community is considered a geographic or organizational community.

10. My nominee has received congratulatory letters over the years. Can these letters be included?
You may include the letters but they may not serve as your letters of support. Letters of support must be current and relate to the nomination to the BC Community Achievement Awards.

11. May I nominate myself?
No, this award is not designed for self-nomination. The award is designed for other members of the community to nominate a deserving individual.

12. Would I tell the person that I want to nominate them?
Generally, the individual is not told of the nomination though in some cases it happens when the nominator requires biographical information, for example, from the nominee.

13. Must I include all the contact information requested on the nomination form?
Yes, please include all contact info. Should your nominee be selected for an award, it’s important to have accurate contact information in order for the BC Achievement Foundation to contact the individual.

14. How do I update information for a nominee from previous years?
Please email your updated information to noting the nominee and nominator’s names.

15. Is it possible to nominate a group or organization?
These awards are designed to recognize individuals or two-person partnerships. Nominations of groups (3+ people) or organizations are not eligible.

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