The BC Community Achievement Awards

The 2019 BC Achievement Community Award* recipients have been announced. Thank you to all those who nominated so many worthy British Columbians!! Nominations for the 2020 BC Achievement Community Award will open soon with the program officially launching in September 2019

Award Overview
British Columbia's communities are shaped by the people who live in them, and especially by the contributions of extraordinary individuals.

The BC Community Achievement Awards celebrate British Columbians who go above and beyond in their dedication and service to others and who devote time and energy to making their communities more caring, dynamic, beautiful, healthy, and unique. They inspire by their example.

The BC Achievement Foundation presents the awards, a foundation established in 2003 by the province of BC to celebrate excellence in community service, enterprise, arts and humanities.

Nominators are encouraged to read further about the award process, eligibility and selection before beginning a nomination package. Please see below and click the relevant links:

British Columbia Achievement Foundation
T. 604.261.9777 | Toll Free 866.882.6088 (in BC)